PRP treatment

PRP stands for P lättchen r eich PLasma or platelet-rich plasma, as the experts call it, and can be summarized essentially under the term autologous blood therapy. The own blood is professionally and sterile taken by our in-house physician and separated in a centrifuge into important components for the treatment. The recovered plasma is then reinjected at the affected sites. The fabrics can be used in many ways. For example, for a facial lift (so-called vampire lifting) to rejuvenate the skin or to strengthen the hair roots, for example, to counteract hair loss. The injection into the décolleté or in the backs of the hands are also applicable here in order to bring about a revitalization of the skin surface.

With a PRP treatment, a significant effect can be achieved naturally, namely with the substances of the own body. The important and powerful blood proteins are known to the body and can be better utilized by their own biomechanics, as foreign substances. The treatment is therefore often referred to by the term regeneration or recovery therapy.


Mode of action of a PRP treatment

In a PRP treatment, the collected blood is separated into red (erythrocytes) and white (leucocytes) and blood platelets (platelets). Every substance has its own tasks in our organism. For example, red blood cells are responsible for oxygen transport in the body and white blood cells, for example, for strengthening the immune system. However, platelets are essential for PRP treatment, which has a major impact on growth and regeneration functions. The extracted material is prepared by us in a centrifuge to a PRP concentrate, which is immediately reinjected to your affected areas to achieve the maximum effect.

Requirements for a PRP treatment

You do not have to worry about the prerequisites because our in-house doctor will conduct a detailed medical history with you during a consultation and will work with you to find out if you are suitable for the treatment. The PRP concentrate is suitable both for the formation of collagen and the associated rejuvenation of the skin, as well as for the strengthening of hair growth.

Your advantages with a PRP treatment

  • Innovative lifting and hair growth method
  • Fast and long-lasting effect
  • Acts revitalizing
  • Minimally invasive procedure: no surgery!
  • Gentle method: fewer risks and short recovery time
  • They are ready for everyday use again the following day
  • Short treatment time (about 30-60 minutes)
  • Body’s own and natural-biological process
  • Free of side effects

Nonetheless, since it is a cosmetic-medical procedure, the treatment naturally involves minor risks. We accompany and advise you through the entire process and also give you a timely indication of whether follow-up treatments make sense or not. They are not disadvantaged or exploited in the house of Global Beauty. If a medical-cosmetic therapy has no effect, you will be informed by our physician.

Prices of PRP treatment

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, prices may vary. Let us advise you competently and we will give you a professional opinion about the chances of your PRP treatment.

  • Package: face, neck and décolleté: 350 €
  • Face: 250 €
  • Package: 3x face PRP treatment: 700 €
  • Hair: 270 €
  • Package: 4x hair PRP treatment: 999 €